Applying to a Military Residency Timeline

While the dates differ each year, the application cycle is comparable each year. This should serve as a very brief overview of what to expect in the upcoming months. If you have any questions regarding exact dates or deadlines, be sure to contact AFIT (if you’re Air Force) or your point of contact at MODS.

3rd Year

  • November-December:
    • Begin contacting programs to schedule ADT rotations for next summer. Some programs fill up quickly so be sure to contact your top program as soon as you know when you could schedule an ADT.
  • April-June
    • Begin contacting your letter of recommendation writers. All letters uploaded to MODS must be written and signed within the last 6 months. As the applications to MODS only close in October of your 4th year, be sure to ask your letter writers to wait until at least April to sign and date your letter.

4th Year

  • June
    • JSGMESB will release a list of residencies available for next year
    • You will receive instructions to log on to MODS and to begin your military residency application
  • July-September:
    • Osteopathic Medical Students interested in applying for an AOA sponsored residency can submit their application mid-July
    • Complete your 1-2 ADT audition rotations during this time period. Contact the bases you are not auditioning at that offer your speciality to set up in person or phone interviews.
    • JSGMESB application closes, this is typically the time to finalize your demographics and personal statement. You are strongly encouraged to finalize your match list but can continue making changes with approval to this list into October.
  • October:
    • Apply to ERAS for allopathic residency programs for the civilian match.
  • December:
    • The Military match.
  • January:
    • If you were selected for civilian deferred or civilian sponsors, you would continue interviewing December & January
  • February
    • Osteopathic Program’s Match Day
  • March:
    • Allopathic Program’s Match Day
  • May/June:
    • Upon Graduation you will be promoted to a Captain (Army & Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy)

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