Questions to ask Medical Schools Regarding HPSP

Looking back on my career, it’s hard to believe that it was 5 years ago when I first started the process to apply to medical school and to the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) . I received my interview invites in August prior to my senior year and I wasn’t accepted to HPSP until February … More Questions to ask Medical Schools Regarding HPSP

Misconceptions about HPSP

If you do HPSP, the military gets to decide what you have to specialize in – I hear this misconception all the time. It’s frustrating because recruiters typically aren’t familiar with the medical school process so they are unable to answer questions regarding the residency match, so much of the information regarding residency is really … More Misconceptions about HPSP

What is HPSP?

So many of the questions I get on my social media accounts are about pursuing a medical career in the military. I am attending medical school via the Health Promotions Scholarship program (HPSP) in the United States Air Force. This post is to serve as a general overview of HPSP, but all the information listed … More What is HPSP?