Surviving Intern Year: Taking Call

One of the things that intimidated me the most about moving on to residency was the thought of taking “call.” Am I really expected to be awake and functional for 24+ hours in a row? How often will I have to be on call? Are there different types of call? Will I be able to … More Surviving Intern Year: Taking Call

Probiotics & Skincare

I grew up under the notion that all bacteria is bad bacteria. Working in healthcare I am constantly washing my hands and sanitizing my phone, stethoscope and pens to kill off any lurking bacteria. When patients are sick we prescribe antibiotics to fend off bacterial infections. Everywhere we look are antibacterial wipes and sprays. All this focus on … More Probiotics & Skincare

Imposter Syndrome

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor.” It’s a common sentiment heard among medical students. Many of my classmates had grown up in families of doctors, and it was just expected that medical school was the next step. Unlike many of my classmates, I don’t have anyone in the medical field in my … More Imposter Syndrome