Applying to a Military Residency Timeline

While the dates differ each year, the application cycle is comparable each year. This should serve as a very brief overview of what to expect in the upcoming months. If you have any questions regarding exact dates or deadlines, be sure to contact AFIT (if you’re Air Force) or your point of contact at MODS. 3rd … More Applying to a Military Residency Timeline

Setting up Non-ADT Rotations and my experience at WPAFB

Pediatric Clerkship at WPAFB I just recently completed my pediatric clerkship at Wright Patterson AFB and I thought I’d take a moment to discuss my experience with you. I should preface this by saying I am very fortunate that my medical school is very lenient with their military students when it comes to rotating at … More Setting up Non-ADT Rotations and my experience at WPAFB

Misconceptions about HPSP

If you do HPSP, the military gets to decide what you have to specialize in – I hear this misconception all the time. It’s frustrating because recruiters typically aren’t familiar with the medical school process so they are unable to answer questions regarding the residency match, so much of the information regarding residency is really … More Misconceptions about HPSP

My MEPS Experience

The purpose of a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) is determine if an applicant meets the physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards to join the military. As an HPSP student, MEPS focuses just on the physical qualifications, and you will not be asked to complete a computerized ASVAB on arrival unlike applicants who are hoping to … More My MEPS Experience