Top 10: Graduation Gift Ideas

I can’t believe we are almost there friends! Graduation weekend is just a couple weeks away and to say I am excited would be a gross understatement. Since many of my friends have already had their graduations I’ve been living vicariously through them and their pictures for the past couple of weeks and it’s gotten me in the celebration spirit. So today I want to share with you my top 10 gift ideas for the medical school graduate in your life  (or if you’re feeling like you should #TreatYoSelf for becoming a Doctor!)

I am not sponsored by any of these companies and I am not paid to recommend any of these products. I just love sharing some of the great quality companies out there that are making fantastic products for healthcare professionals.  I have linked all of the products either in the description or in the attached photos. Enjoy!

ONE: Customized Coffee Mug

I think customized items make for the best gifts because it shows that you took the time to pick out a gift specifically for the recipient. I know I couldn’t have made it throughout medical school without coffee so of course number one recommendation on my gift list is a customized coffee mug! There are SO many shops on Etsy that make customized mugs but here are my top choices:

  • LoveAliceCo makes these adorable customizable doctor mugs! You have the option of several backgrounds for the medical doctor, optometrist, dentist, or veterinarian in your life. This shop requests a photo of the doctor and they customize an illustration so the mug most closely resembles the graduate!
  • For the OBGYN


  • For the Pediatrician


  • For the surgeon

TWO: Stethoscope 

I have used a Litmann Cardiology 3 during medical school and I think it is a fantastic stethoscope and very high quality, exactly what I need for my surgery rounds. However if I were going into Internal Medicine or Family Medicine I would definitely want to upgrade my stethoscope to the Littman Master Cardiology Stethoscope. I had the opportunity to borrow my resident’s Master Cardiology stethoscope on a patient I thought I had heard a faint murmur on using my own stethoscope and it was *crystal clear*. If you want to impress on rounds it is definitely worth upgrading to this stethoscope!

stethoscope 2

THREE: Histology Wall Art

I don’t remember much of my first semester of medical school but I do remember that Histology was not my thing. We didn’t have a histology lab so we were taught from textbooks and an online program. Without hands on instruction every sample I looked at just looked like blobs of pink and purple and I couldn’t tell epithelium apart from connective tissue (okay that may be a bit of a stretch but you get the idea).  Despite my ineptitude in analyzing slides, I can’t help but swoon over these wall prints by Elegant Epithelium which are as beautiful as they are intriguing, a sure conversation starter!

FOUR: Leather Notebook

Residents are required to keep case logs of all the procedures they are involved in and many residents record notes about the patients they encounter. The way I have seen other residents do this is by taking a sticker with the patient’s name, birthday, date seen, etc and they stick it in a notebook and write the details below. While any ol’ notebook would do the trick, since this is a log that you hope to keep with you for the duration of your career I have seen many residents using nice embroidered or personalized notebooks so they can always be returned if accidentally set down and forgotten about some where in the hospital.

FIVE: Tie Clip, Cuff Links or Money Clip

These gifts would be perfect for a medical school graduation or a white coat ceremony. All these products are from the CodeBlueJewelry Shop on Etsy and are made of sterling silver and can be customized with name and illustration.

SIX: A Vacation

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a company called “Pack Up + Go” and it sounds like the perfect getaway for a busy medical school graduate. With Pack Up + Go you tell them your budget and some of the things you like to do and then then they plan the WHOLE trip for you and the best part is the destination is a kept a surprise until you are on your way! Pack Up + Go plans 3 day weekend getaways in the continental US based on a survey you fill out and they book airfare and accommodations for you and provide you with suggestions on what to do in your destination. I think this is a great option for the busy type A medical professional because it takes out all the stress of planning and allows you to escape from reality for a few days.

SEVEN: Patagonia Zip Up

I own two Patagonia zip up jackets and I LOVE them. They are the perfect jacket to wear over scrubs and to keep with you when you get chilly while on call. They’re slim fitting so you don’t look bulky and they have the right amount of pockets to stash your credit card, pens and some gloves. Bonus Points: Patagonia supports environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

EIGHT: Compression Socks

Your first thought might be “uhhhh socks…?” but hear me out! I started wearing compression socks on my trauma surgery rotation and they changed my life (not to be dramatic). I assumed compression socks were for people who had issues with venous return or who experienced leg cramps or pain. I never had issues with my legs but after 14 hour days of standing and running around the hospital I was desperate to find something that may help alleviate my fatigue. Compression socks promote blood flow so they decrease swelling. alleviate foot and leg pain, and decrease muscle fatigue and in the long term they decrease the risk of spider veins and varicose veins from forming. These make a great gift because compression socks can be pretty spendy! I really like the NurseMate compression socks, but I have heard great things about the Wear Figs compression socks as well.

NINE: Apple Watch

This is a spendy gift but it is a game changer while in the hospital. I used to wear a Garmin Vioactive so I really didn’t think I was in the market for a smart watch. This changed on my sub-internships when  I noticed many of the residents I worked with all wore Apple Watches. During these rotations we had a huge patient census and long morning rounds, and although I would get an alert if I received a text on my Vioactive, I was unable to read long messages or respond to messages without taking my phone out of my white coat. Although it varies by hospital or attending, a general rule of thumb is it is bad etiquette to text during rounds.

The Apple Watch is different in that it lights up when the watch is tilted towards your face meaning you can read incoming messages without touching the watch. This makes it so you can check messages to see if they are urgent or require response without distracting away from rounds. Additionally you are able to respond on the Apple Watch screen or use voice to text. I also love the step tracking and heart rate monitoring so it records how active my days are.

Apple Watch

TEN: Kindle

I never knew I wanted a Kindle until I received a Kindle for Christmas 2 years ago. The Kindle is the perfect size to fit into a white coat pocket and the battery life is incredible!

I keep all my reference books on my Kindle so if I want to look up a treatment plan or review procedural steps I am able to search pages I’ve bookmarked or passages I have highlighted. The kindle also allows you to search through your content so you can find information quickly.

I also like keeping my Kindle with me because I can access my magazine subscriptions and the books I am ready for fun on my device. This means when there is some down time during my day I can page through my celebrity gossip magazines inconspicuously and give my brain a break from medicine.



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