The TatoNut Donut Shop Review

Tato-Nut Donut Shop

Shop: This family owned shop is adorable! It’s located on one of the main roads in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There’s street parking available although spots were hard to come by when I stopped by. The shop itself is an adorable yellow building with patio seating and some chairs inside. The store was clean and smelled incredible. In addition to their namesake donuts they  advertise themselves as having gourmet coffee and cappuccinos.

Donut Selection: I stopped by this shop at about 3pm and I was surprised that they still had a decent number of donuts available. I would guess they had about 8 flavors left. They had a few flavors of the cake donuts, persians (looked similar to a cinnamon roll) twists, and chocolate and original  katrina pieces. The employee told me that katrina pieces were a creation that came out of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Since there was such a shortage of supplies immediately following the hurricane, Tato-Nut decided to fry the discarded dough that remained after making their regular menu items. Apparently these little pieces of donut debris were such a hit they decided to keep the item on the menu indefinitely.

Taste: I tried the King Cake and the Strawberry Cream Cake Tato-nut and I only have one word to describe them, fantastic. Aside from the King Cake just looking really pretty with the gold glitter sprinkles, I chose it because it was advertised as supporting pediatric cancer awareness month which is definitely something I can get behind. This donut was so fluffy it basically just dissolved in your mouth when you took a bite. I only learned after the fact that they use potato flour in their donuts for fluffiness, potato flour! Genius (which in hindsight now makes sense as the donuts are called TATO-nuts.). The King Cake was very sweet but I did not find it too overwhelming.  The strawberry cake tato-nut was slightly less sweet than the King cake, but the glaze provided a sweet unmistakable strawberry flavor which was the perfect compliment to the to the light cakiness of the donut.

Cost: I know the king cake cost more than that of the strawberry tato-nut, but this thing was the size of my face so I didn’t mind paying more. While I don’t the exact cost of each donut, I think my total came to about $3.25.

Overall Score: 9/10

This is a no frills shop that makes great tasting donuts. You can’t beat the sweetness of the Tato-Nut and the southern hospitality of the store employees.


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