Glory Hole Doughnuts Review

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Shop: If I had to sum up my opinion of the shop itself in one word it would be “meh”. The storefront was very unassuming, and if you weren’t looking for it it would be quite easy to have missed it while driving by. Despite only having limited street parking available, I lucked out and found a spot less than a block away. There was one table outside on the sidewalk and one table in the corner of the shop. The shop was clean but lacked in decor. While the staff member we dealt with wasn’t rude, she wasn’t particularly friendly either.


Donut Selection: Thanks to a long brunch and a whole lot of traffic I was only able to get to the shop at about 2pm and there were slim pickings as to the donuts that were left. There were probably only a dozen donuts left and only 3 flavors to choose from. But I think a donut shop selling out is a testament to the quality of the donut so I don’t take this as a negative.


Taste: I tried the Cookies & Cream doughnut and the Banana Hazelnut Donut. The Cookies & Cream Donut was incredible! The donut was fluffy and fresh and just the right amount of sweetness. The frosting tasted like a sweet cereal milk  and the donut was topped with chocolate chip cookie crumbles. As for my second donut, Full disclosure, the only reason I opted for the Banana Hazelnut flavor was because I’m a sucker for all things hazelnut after growing up putting Nutella on everything. The donut was filled with a banana custard, topped with a hazelnut frosting and some caramelized dried banana chips.While the donut delivered on its banana flavor, it lacked the nutty punch I was hoping for.


Cost: $3.50 a donut (In Canadian Dollars, but still ouch!)


Overall Score: 5/10

The donuts themselves tasted pretty good, but the shop and experience left more to be desired. I think I’ll have to keep Glory Hole Doughnuts on my Toronto to-do list so that I can go earlier in the day when they may have a larger selection to choose from.



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